View to the Fish River Canyon
The Vogelstrausskluft
The Vogelstrausskluft covers an area of more than 26.000 ha, that stretches along the Fish River Canyon for about 50 km. Various landscapes such as a parched pan, that fills with water during heavy rainfalls, or the impressive side canyons, that are difficult to access offer multi-faced impressions rare to find. Moreover the area includes a pass down into the Fish River Canyon that is accessible even for offroad vehicles.

Its location between the high plains around Keetmanshoop and the dunes and diamond areas close to Lüderitz in addition makes the Vogelstrausskluft an ideal starting point to explore Namibias impressive south.
The Kalahari, Namibia's rough south, is together with the adjoining Namib the world's oldest desert. This landscape fascinated people in all times: The meagreness, the infinite seeming distances, the tranquillity, the fragile but resistant nature, the incredible view on the stars of the southern hemisphere.

To preserve this and make it accessible in a unique and ecological way is the idea of the Vogelstrausskluft. Therefore we restricted the number of guests to a small group but at the same time created various possibilities to explore the unique natural habitats.
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