Animals and Plants of the Vogelstrausskluft
drops of rain. The grashopper that fits seamless into the red ground because of its camouflage. The mountain zebra, that reaches even the impossible cliffs. The bird that can carry water in its feathers to bring it to its chicks.

Patience and attention to the small things always are honoured. By accident on your way to the restaurant or on a guided tour through special parts of Vogelstrausskluft.
Compared to other regions, life in the desert takes place in much smaller dimensions. Over thousands of years animals and plants adapted to the harsh conditions and developed miraculous qualities and behaviours.

The variety of habitats on the Vogelstrausskluft offers the possibility to study nature from countless perspectives in all its facets, always encountering something new: The dry plant for example, that transforms into a flowering bush after only a few
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