Habitats of the Vogelstrausskluft
Plateau Plateau Old Valley Pan Canyon Rim Canyon Plains Fish River Canyon Plateau Plateau Canyon Rim Canyon Plains Fish River Canyon
Vogelstrausskluft Lodge
approx. 10 km

10 km

... are mainly determined by their location next to the Fish River Canyon and its vicinity to the mountain range that separates the Namib from the Kalahari. The Vogelstrausskluft includes almost the whole spectrum of landscapes Namibias south can offer:

The wide grassy plateau is interrupted by small valleys and gentle hills. Some trees and small water holes add to the scenery. It's the main habitat for antelopes, ostriches and other game.

An ancient, dried out river valley runs from the farmhouse to the farms south-western border. Dunes of red Kalahari sand stopped the waters flow and block the valley in several places.

The pan of a dried out lake fills with water during heavy rainfall and so gives a spectacular example for life in the desert.

The Canyon Rim, a several hundred meter deep break-off towards the Fish River Canyon allows an incredible view on the vicinity and the Canyon.

The area between the Canyon Rim and the Canyon itself, the Canyon Plains, is dominated by small hills and deep, narrow side-canyons. This part of the farm is hard to access. Therefore some places haven't been visited for decades.

The Fish River Canyon is the worlds second largest canyon. Although water is flowing only irregularly, a unique habitat with various plants and animals could develop during thousands of years. Aside from that several obvious evidences of the colonial war, like fortifications of the Schutztruppe or their native opponents can be found here.

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