The main problem though is the intake of water. Most birds cover their main part by using small open waterholes - if there are some - or from their prey. Some species in addition found other ways, such as drinking the morning dew or hibernating through longer droughts.

Various kinds of birds can be found on Vogelstrausskluft: Flightless birds, singing birds, predatory birds or migrating birds that live here for only a few months a year. The following list shows a short overview and of course is not complete.
Imagine Africa without its birds! The concert they give every morning and evening together with cicadas and crickets is characteristic for this continent. Namibia is the habitat for 620 of a total of nearly 900 different birds that can be found in southern Africa - and a major part lives in the dry areas of the Kalahari.

Like all other animals in the Kalahari, the birds have adapted to their surrounding and the problems connected in numerous ways. To avoid the heat most fly and hunt during the early morning or late evening hours, and hide in cooler, shady places during the day. Many can raise their body temperature to up to 41°C or regulate it by breathing faster.

Population Habitat
  European Bee-eater often   migrant
  Helmeted Guineafowl rare   resident
  Lappet-faced Vulture rare   resident
  Laughing Dove often   resident
  Martial Eagle often   resident
  Namaqua Dove often   resident
  Namaqua Sandgrouse widespread   resident
  Orange River White-eye rare   resident
  Ostrich widespread   resident
  Peregrine Falcon rare   resident
  Secretarybird spread   resident
  Southern Masked-Weaver widespread   resident
  Spotted Eagle-Owl often   resident
  Steppe Buzzard rare   migrant
  Wattled Starling rare   resident
  White Stork rare   migrant
  White-backed Mousebird spread   resident
  Yellow Canary widespread   resident
Population Habitat
  African Hoopoe rare   resident
  African Red-eyed Bulbul widespread   resident
  Alpine Swift spread   migrant
  Anteating Chat rare   resident
  Barn Owl spread   resident
  Barn Swallow spread   migrant
  Black-chested Snake-Eagle often   resident
  Black Harrier rare   migrant
  Black-shouldered Kite rare   resident
  Booted Eagle rare   migrant
  Bradfield's Swift spraed   resident
  Cape Crow spread   resident
  Cape Glossy Starling often   resident
  Cape Sparrow spread   resident
  Common Quail spread   resident
  Common Swift spread   migrant
  Crimson-breasted Shrike widespread   resident
  Diderick Cuckoo rare   migrant
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