Animals of the Vogelstrausskluft: Kudu Antelope
Kudu Antelope
Plateau, Old Valley, Canyon Plains, Fish River Canyon
(tragelaphus strepsiceros)

Native in southern and eastern Africa the Greater Kudu with a height of 1.7m and a weight of up to 270kg is one of the biggest antelopes there is. It mainly lives in stony or hilly areas, but also can be found in bushy plains or even thorny brushwood. Aside from the uniquely twisted horns the male animals carry, Kudus can be identified through the six to ten white stripes that streak the body downwards on each side. A bushy mane grows below their throat, on their neck and their back.

Kudus are very shy and cautious animals. They often remain motionless for long periods with their ears spread out wide. Although mainly nocturnal these antelopes can also be spotted during the day, if the feel to be in a save surrounding. Kudus live in herds of up to twelve.

Population on Vogelstrausskluft: widespread
Main Habitats: Plateau, Canyon Plains, Ancient Valley, Fish River Canyon

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